2020 so far...

Posted on 03 September 2020

2020 so far...

Well, I don’t think this year has turned out quite the way any of us had planned, for some it’s been great and for others truly terrible. I can only speak about my own experiences which I think would be fair to call a mixed bag! I am very fortunate that we are all healthy and we have not lost anyone close to this awful virus but I know many that have and I can’t wait to give them a big hug when this is over.

I don’t know about you but at the start of lockdown when the sun was shining and we had absolutely no idea the kids would be at home for 6 months(!), it almost felt like an extended holiday. We played outside, built a LOT of dens, went cycling / running every day and generally just enjoyed spending more time together as a family. The kids commented on how nice it was to all have lunch together each day and to have daddy at home instead of in London most of the week. I felt I could work a little less as it would only be for a few weeks – how wrong I was! Only when I realised this was not going to be short lived did I start taking home schooling more seriously, whilst simultaneously trying to catch up on weeks’ worth of work and all whilst the sun had stopped shining and the rain had come. The days were long, working when I could, trying to make sure the kids did even an hour of schoolwork each day (some days there wasn’t any for anyone worried about how much they did) and attempting to restrict screen time became the norm. The kids also started to fight a lot more, I think the lack of contact with friends and family started to take its toll and to be frank we all became tired, ratty and just generally not as happy as we had been. Fortunately my youngest went back to school for the last 5 weeks of term which made a huge difference, my eldest was much happier learning from home and we became a little team with our laptops next to each other each day, we all started to get back to our usual selves. Then came the school holidays…I tried to keep up the home schooling for my own sanity but they were too savvy for me and joined forces to rebel against any kind of learning in favour of play and TV…I was too tired to argue. The summer seems to have been and gone and I would be lying if I wasn’t excited at the prospect of school starting although there is a very small part of me that will miss having them around.

Looking back I can’t quite believe what we have achieved during lockdown as a business, given we were both looking after our kids, but we successfully launched our twinning sleepsuit range, took on a number of new wholesale customers, managed an increase in online orders from all you lovely customers and most recently have launched beautiful embroidered personalisation. So whilst we are all craving normality and structure I can look back on this time in a positive way, yes there were some dark days but we kept our little independent business going, our kids are alive and fed, we definitely helped keep the UK wine market afloat and we are already planning exciting new launches for 2021. Claire has been here since February which has been great for our business and our family unit, we have spent so much time together (when we were allowed!) but next week she goes back to Dubai. I will miss her loads but Facetime, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become the new norm for most so they’ll just have to be ours too.

Summer is over, let’s hope autumn and winter 2020 are a little more ordinary. We got this! H x


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