Having a 7-year-old and throwing a party at home!

Posted on 25 January 2019

Having a 7-year-old and throwing a party at home!

So last weekend, my eldest turned 7 and for some reason I felt a little differently this year. All the other birthdays have been fine, but now, at 7, she seems so much older and really knows her own mind. It was just a strong reminder that the little girl I once held in my arms is growing up (7 going on 17!). It’s not that I don’t want her to grow up, I love watching her blossom; she reads more fluently, I’m sharing books with her that I read as a child (Roald Dahl is a firm favourite in this house), we are doing activities we share an interest in – we have started doing the junior park run on a Sunday morning which is such good fun. All of these are great, and I just know there is so much more to come, but there is a little bit inside of me that secretly wants them both to stay as they are forever, always needing and wanting me and trusting absolutely everything I say as gospel!  I wonder when I will stop overhearing “well my mummy says….”

Darcey was very clear about her birthday party this year and for the first time we had it at home…I was dreading it to be honest, but it worked out perfectly and for those planning the same, here is why:

  1. She was only allowed 5 friends – 6 children in the house is enough for me. She was happy with this compromise if it meant the party being at home and not in a church hall
  2. She wanted to watch The Greatest Showman sing-a-long – so for much of the time they were singing into microphones in front of the television (not as much time to mess up the rest of my house)
  3. We made our own pizzas (I bought dough ready rolled and they added toppings) - fun to do and easy to clean up afterwards
  4. I got rid of the men of the house and 2 of the mums stayed for the party so we had a 2:1 adult to child ratio which was easily manageable
  5. The above mums were thrilled when I offered prosecco at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon – and this then made everything else a lot less stressful because quite frankly after a couple of glasses I didn’t mind what they got up to!

The kids had a great time and I hadn’t spent ages organising craft activities or games, there was one pass the parcel and then the singing and dancing. When they were bored of singing they played with the toy kitchen, some got out the pens and paper and they all seemed to have a really good time without it being military. It was honestly one of the least stressful parties I’ve hosted, and I will certainly be guiding her down this path for the big no 8 next year. Charlie on the other hand will have to wait for a party at home, 4-year olds are a completely different kettle of fish!


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