Our lockdown so far...

Posted on 12 June 2020

Our lockdown so far...

Home.  When asked where home is, my reply has always been the UK, even though I have lived in Dubai for the last 11 years.  I came over with my little boy (Huey, 2 years) for a Trade Show in February and we are still here! Now moving into our 4th month in the UK, ‘home’ is where your family is, and we are missing part of ours: my Husband Nick.  He is in Dubai and it looks like we are set to remain apart for a good few more months.

This awful virus has ripped lives apart, so it is difficult to feel hard-done-by as we are all well and just need to get use to a new normal, for now at least.  Also, Huey has been a real tonic and I think we can take a lot from our kids and how resilient they are.  He doesn’t question anything and just accepts whatever has come his way.  No questions as to where Daddy is, he just accepts that daddy wakes him up in a morning and after his nap via video call.   It has become our ritual and is amazing watching Huey show Daddy his toys, his breakfast or just sit with him on the sofa while watching his nursery rhymes!

The huge plus of being here is being able to spend some real quality time with my Mum.  It has been wonderful to see the bond between Granny and Huey grow: an unforgettable time for many reasons.

At the start of lockdown, I was obsessed with occupying Huey, thinking of new crafts, sensory games etc and I would get really frustrated when they only lasted a few minutes!  I would end up painting on my own, Granny and I spent hours making a bus out of cardboard for him to be excited for 5 minutes and then it got discarded. Hats off to all those parents home schooling, it must be exhausting! 

As soon as I acknowledged, he is 2, this is how toddlers are and I don’t need to occupy him every waking minute, I chilled out a bit.  Our days are now led by Huey and what he wants to do (within reason) rather than me forcing ‘organised fun’ on him!  We play Lego, race cars, play in the garden, and his favourite: sit on the wall outside the house and spot cars! 

Our routine is completely out of sync, but I am clinging on to it!  He should really be dropping his afternoon nap as he is going to bed later…..but he is waking up late!  Plus, I don’t want Nick to miss out on everything so I think we will wait to drop the nap until we are reunited!!!

We are so lucky to have so many amazing landmarks to explore on our doorstep and we have taken full advantage of this.  We are out walking at least once a day and it has really made me fall back in love with Yorkshire.  When I see these amazing views and landscapes, I now really appreciate them, and I am so glad Huey is getting to see all this and not just a glimpse on a fleeting visit.

I have turned my hand to gardening and am really enjoying it, I still mistake weeds for plants, but I have found it very therapeutic.  The strawberries are blooming, we have had countless rounds of rhubarb and the potatoes are sprouting well!  Who would have thought I would have green fingers hidden away all these years!

We cannot wait to be reunited with Nick and continue with our life together but I am grateful to have been able to have the time here with Mum and as things start to ease up a bit in the coming months be able to spend some much needed time with the rest of the family.  Family has always been important to me, but this time has really cemented how much each one of them mean to me.

I hope you are staying safe and that you have had and continue to experience glass-half-full moments xxx


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