Sleep - the 'holy grail'

Posted on 14 March 2019

Sleep - the 'holy grail'

Sleep is one of those things that you wish you could go back and tell your 20-year-old pre-children self to appreciate!! I can’t believe I used to say I was tired after 8 hours (or even 10 hours) of sleep. If only I’d known then what I know now.

I don’t think I have ever met a parent who hasn’t told me how tired they are and who isn’t looking for that elusive cure. Unless you were born with a miracle baby, then all parents will have suffered their fair share of sleep deprivation. I know when I had Darcey, after 3 months I was beginning to wonder if I would ever sleep again. Then the wonderful Alison Scott-Wright came to my rescue with her best-selling book The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan. My husband was away and I decided to read the book in one day, Darcey was already napping well in the day so it was just the night I needed to crack. After one night of using her techniques, Darcey slept for 12 hours straight the night after and the night after that, she then slept 12 hours a night around 90% of the time. It really was amazing, and what I liked about the book was it was all on my terms, I didn’t have to leave her to cry for hours on end and the routine wasn’t too rigid. The explanation around the importance of sleep for babies also hit a chord with me, I wanted her to be getting the 12 hours she needed, to help with her brain development, memory and general happiness. Once she started sleeping 12 hours, she was much less grouchy and generally a happier baby, it was honestly wonderful! As soon as Charlie came along, I knew exactly what I needed to do …but this time it didn’t work. After months of crying (both of us!) and virtually no sleep I picked up the book again to see if there were any tips I’d forgotten. I realised Alison had written a whole section on reflux (Something I had not needed with Darcey), the words jumped off the page at me, everything she said I recognised in my little boy (only sleeping on me, crying when flat, screaming as though in pain). Numerous Dr’s trips followed until eventually we were put on the right medication and then, within 24 hours I had a different child who was sleeping and happy. I would never had gone had it not been for Alison, she honestly saved my sanity and made my baby a much happier and more comfortable little boy. When Claire was pregnant with Huey, the first gift I gave her was The Sensational Baby Sleep plan, she says - sleep is so important to me and my husband so getting Huey to sleep through was high on the agenda!  What I loved the most about The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan was that I set the rules and I wasn’t house bound, if I needed to go out, I could use the same principles but put him to sleep in the pram instead.  I had Huey sleeping through from 4.5 months which was just amazing, we had a couple of hiccups, like when he started rolling, he would get stranded, but I was equipped with the knowledge and it worked just as it had before.  Alison gave me the tools to be confident which is so important as a first-time mum, thank you!

Alison helps families with children of all ages, including toddlers and so we contacted her to see if she would like to test our pyjamas and just to get her thoughts on them. We are delighted to say Alison loved MyJamas so much that she has written a poem about them:


‘Sleeping like a baby’ is a term that’s often used, but when that child does not conform it can give the parents blues.

Then as the baby grows, and moves from cot to bed, the transition often comes with more aches in the parent’s head!

But by affording independence and encouraging self-belief, a child will be more willing to snuggle underneath, the sheets and duvet in her bed and not feel so much stress, as putting on her MYJAMAS she was happy to self-dress.

And feeling clever, with MYJAMAS showing the left side from her right It helps her to feel empowered and settle for a peaceful night.


By Alison Scott-Wright (best selling author of The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan)

Thank you so much Alison for your belief in us and our pyjamas, to have an endorsement from someone who is a sleep specialist is wonderful and helps us believe in our product even more. Thank you also for helping us both regain some sleep in our lives during those early days – we are forever grateful.


You can buy Alison’s Amazon best-selling book here -


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