Letting my baby grow up...easier said than done

Posted on 29 January 2019

Letting my baby grow up...easier said than done

I have a 16-month-old who I still class as my baby!  I know everyone says it but where does the time go?  He is changing every day and in so many ways; he is saying more, is so much more confident with his surroundings, he is mimicking more words and we have a great number of animal sounds in our repertoire!

Huey amazes me every day and is on his journey to independence, (too soon!) but what can we do to help this journey?  

It’s hard to let go and allow them to be little people when all you want to do is wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them a baby forever.  I do find it scary to think that I am shaping a small human into the person they are going to be.

Helping children become independent can start at a very young age and is a slow and steady process.  It has to be gradual to a) move with their capabilities but b) so not to scare them.  The last thing we want is to let go too soon and for our children to fear independence, we need to build their confidence.

Building this confidence might be allowing them to feed themselves, holding their own cup, putting their toys away, walking instead of being carried, joining in conversations, helping with small jobs around the house and getting dressed themselves to name but a few.

Helen and I were passionate when we decided to start a company together that our products would have a little something extra, whether that be for the child or the parent.  Our first range MyJamas are not just about beautifully designed, super soft organic pyjamas (although that was important to us) they also have our ‘Clever Cuffs’; giving children the tools to be able to have a little more confidence at bedtime by dressing themselves and giving mum and dad the night off.

Whatever it is you are trying to help your child master, we believe that encouragement is king!  Huey is still small, but any sign of praise and he gives himself a big clap and a huge smile crosses his cheeky face, he is so pleased with himself.

We hope you like MyJamas and that your kids have fun practicing putting them on.  Giving a little satisfaction to a child makes it all worth it.


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