Unique And Clever Designs

For your unique and clever little ones

MyJamas are our beautiful range of organic cotton pyjamas that help little people to take their first few small steps to independence.

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The pyjamas have a unique design feature to support independent dressing at bedtime. The child simply finds the image on the pyjama top to know which way round to pop it on and then matches up the coloured cuffs on their hands and feet.

Our collection has been sleep-specialist approved by Alison Scott-Wright, best-selling author:

"Going to bed feeling empowered by their achievement will only help your child feel calmer and more easily able to settle for the night.......and they won’t be irritated by anything itchy scratching their neck as there are no labels sewn into the collar of the MyJamas range."

With quality organic cotton that washes well, slightly longer than average cuffs on the legs and additional length on the tops to accommodate growing limbs, MyJamas are made to last – and are perfect for passing on to siblings when it’s finally time to size up.

They are also snug in the body, with no uncomfortable buttons for all those tummy sleepers and the waistbands are wide ensuring your little one has a cosy and comfortable night’s sleep.

Suitable for even the most sensitive skins, MyJamas are manufactured with GOTS approved 100% organic cotton and OEKO-Tex 100 rated (no chemical nasties) giving you peace of mind and them a comfortable sleep no matter what season.


Matching sleepsuits are available in 3 sizes, 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 months and have a protective zip, meaning those 3 am nappy changes can be as quick as possible, no trying to match up poppers through sleepy eyes!

The coloured cuffs are carried through to the sleepsuits for sibling matching, a nice design feature for little ones and allows parents to introduce different colours to their babies.

Integral scratch mitts and closed feet on the 0-3 and 3-6 months sizes give protection whereas on the 6-12-month design they are open for crawlers and early walkers along with extra-long cuffs to ensure they can keep up with growing limbs.

All the MyJamas prints are on a white base evoking a calming sleeping environment for the sweetest dreams, plus when else can you get away with them wearing white!